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The SigEp chapter at New York University is led by a dynamic group of undergraduate and alumni leaders partnering to create an unparalleled student organization.  We are committed to fostering a values-based university experience that empowers its members to become leaders on campus, in the community, and throughout their careers.  We encourage you to reach out to one of our officers below if you would like to learn more or potentially join our effort.


If you are an alumnus of the chapter and would like to update your contact information, please use the following link:

  • Undergraduate Chapter Leadership


    Joshua So

    NYU, 2020


    Vice President of Programming

    Omar Naguib

    NYU, 2019


    Vice President of Finance

    Anthony Raponi

    NYU, 2020


    Vice President of Member Development

    Nicholas Porter

    NYU, 2020


    Vice President of Recruitment

    Pietro Guglielmi

    NYU, 2020


    Vice President of Communications

    Ibrahim Akkaya

    NYU, 2020



    Jacob Lui

    NYU, 2020


    Balanced Man Scholarship

    Ryan Loney

    NYU, 2020

  • Alumni Board Leadership


    Ryan Hayes

    Cincinnati, 2003



    Daniel Paulus

    NYU, 1999



    Tom Zalewski

    Connecticut, 2006


    Vice President of Alumni Relations

    Joshua Ness

    North Texas, 2009


    Vice President of Housing

    Steven Jason

    Connecticut, 1983



    Paul Litcher

    Indiana Tech, 1990

  • Chapter Support Team

    Chapter Counselor

    J.D. Shoemaker

    Worcester Polytechnic, 2009


    Balanced Man Steward

    Chris Gassman

    Colorado, 2004


    Resident Scholar

    Michael Baron

    Emory, 2016



    Matthew Tallett

    Rhode Island, 2011



    Varun Mehotra

    Washington - St.Louis, 2014



    Henry Roden

    Arizona, 2017



    Michael Ellis

    Purdue, 1984



    Logan Fletcher

    North Dakota, 2012



    Louis Venturelli

    Quinnipiac, 2011


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